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Married Life Live

Three times a year we organize a night for couples to be with other couples in a fun environment designed to encourage and empower marriages. These nights feature lots of laughs, tasty desserts, and a relevant message based on one of the Big 6 essentials of marriage. Childcare is provided at the church for those who register early.

Married Life Family Lunch

One of the great ways to get to know others in the Young Married Adults Division is to join us for a Sunday family lunch. We all get together about once a quarter for a lunch after the morning worship services. We cater the meal for the adults and kids and enjoy a great lunch with other families. The cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children.

Family Movie Night

Once a quarter we invite families to join us for a free family friendly movie with free snacks, drinks, and games. These nights are always lots of fun and provide families a great way to enjoy the evening. After the movie families are encouraged to go downstairs and play in the gym or hang around to play games. The movie starts promptly at 6:30 PM and we don’t normally show the previews. So, don’t be late or you might miss the first part of the movie!

Date Night/College Childcare

Once a month our college ministry provides childcare for couples looking for an night without kids. This ministry is provided on a donation basis and helps support First Woodway’s collegiate mission projects. To sign up for one of these nights, please contact the Collegiate ministry at First Woodway.

Sunday School Fellowships

Once a month our children’s ministry provides free childcare for Sunday school classes to have fellowships. Parents are required to sign children up through adult Sunday School departments.

Family Camp

One of the highlights of the spring is the opportunity for families to get together with other families in a relaxing and fun family style retreat called Family Camp. The weekend will Include a variety of activities like family games, adult and children Bible studies, worship, and plenty of free time. 

Unlike other camps where everyone sleeps in bunk beds and in gender specific rooms, at Family Camp each family has own room. In addition, each family has a college student assigned to them and who assist families during the weekend. This allows the moms and dads to enjoy time with other couples and also gives the kids a great opportunity to have lots of fun.