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Welcome to the Young Marrieds Ministry at First Woodway!

We know the early years of marriage and family life can bring many changes and challenges. It is our desire to encourage couples (ages 18-early 40’s) by providing them opportunities where they can learn to grow in intimacy with God, with one another, and with other couples. These opportunities come in different formats, but happen every week at First Woodway.

Our ministry is divided into 3 Life Stages to better meet the growing needs of our couples and families. These Life Stages provide the organizational structure for our Sunday morning Bible studies and the ongoing ministry to young married adults.

The 3 Young Married Adult Life Stages are:

  • Young Marrieds – Engaged, newly married couples, and married couples without children.
  • Young Families – Married couples with young children (2nd grade and below)
  • Family Life – Married couples with older children (above 3rd grade)

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