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Prayer Ministry

First Woodway has a prayer room that receives prayer requests daily, and volunteers come to the prayer room to pray over them. It is an amazing time with God on behalf of people needing God's care. We would be honored to join you in praying for your requests.  Please complete the form below or contact Karen Livingston at the office.  If your prayer request is submitted here, it will go directly to the Prayer Coordinator for processing through our Prayer Room.  Prayer requests will not be posted to the web site.  If you wish to keep your request private and not be placed in prayer room, please indicate that on the form below.

We also have some times available for you to be involved in presenting these requests before the Lord. If you would like to join our prayer team, please call the church office at 772-9696 to get a time and for the access code to the prayer room.

Prayer Request
Prayer Requests

May we place this request in our prayer room for others to join us in prayer?*