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"Prayer needs no passport, visa, or work permit.  There is no such thing as a 'closed country' as far as prayer is concerned...much of the history of mission could be written in terms of God moving in response to persistent prayer."

—Stephan Gaukroge

God is calling Christians not only to prayer, but also to move with Him through the neighborhoods of their towns, as well as along the sidewalks and paths of the world. Thank you for your willing heart to hear and heed His call to intercede for the world one step at a time.


People many times pray a blanket prayer, “God bless the missionaries!” Many times missionaries can be seen as warriors with an armor of steel that cannot be penetrated. But that armor can become weak and they need us to undergird them with prayer. These are a few things to lift up on their behalf.

  • Pray for families back home and the challenges of being separated.
  • Pray for the nation and people group where they serve. 
  • Pray for perseverance with the struggles and frustrations of daily life (lack of water, electricity, and food supplies). 
  • Pray for families. That Satan will not get a foothold in marriages or in our relationships with their children. 
  • Pray for their personal walk with the Lord. Pray that they will not grow weary in maturing their faith. 




In the spring of 2014, an organized militia began carving out a Sunni caliphate in the Middle East. As this happened, a reported 200,000 people fled the area, many with nothing more than the items they could carry. Approximately 20,000 of these refugees landed on a plain in which BGR partners worked, and so now, displaced people are receiving emergency relief consisting of tents, drinking water, infant formula and basic food supplies. Up to 300 families will receive temporary housing and up to 500 will receive various food items.

The circumstances in this area are volatile. Please pray peace will grow as relief is distributed.

For more information and prayer points click here.

You can donate to the crisis by clicking here.

Learn more about prayerwalking by downloading one or several of the following documents. Combine them for use in group training. 

Syrian refugee accepts Christ proclaiming "His love is overwhelming"

Sitting in front of the mosque, Zunairah *, a Syrian refugee, tried to tell her story to anyone who would listen to her.

Zunairah’s husband left her for another woman after 30 years of marriage. It added insult to injury for a woman whose homeland is already torn apart by conflict. She got to the mosque only by the help of a man who had pity on her and drove her across the border from Syria.

And when she got here, she had nothing — nowhere to sleep, and nowhere to go.

The night before, she had a dream in which she was in bondage and was being attacked by a family member. She had run away and went out into the road where all of the sudden a horse came towards her. Zunairah grabbed the horse and rode it, and the horse began to fly. It flew her to the middle of a group of people who were Christians, and they said, “We know people say we don’t fear God, but we do fear God.” And they took her in and gave her food and took care of her.

Not knowing what that dream meant, she awoke the next day and went to sit in front of the mosque, begging for someone to help her, for work and a place to stay. She sat outside, waiting for the imam to come out so she could ask him for help.

People would come near to her, and she would tell them her story of sorrow and they would listen and then continue walking on in their day, unaffected by the suffering of this woman¬.

One Muslim woman who overhead Zunairah eventually walked up to her and yelled, “You have God! Stop crying. You have God!”

After observing this from afar, Rachel*, a Christian worker, turned to Zunairah and asked her about her story. Zunairah repeated the story she had told passersby about her husband and her journey across the border to look for work and a place to stay.

Rachel listened intently to the story and felt in her heart that God was prompting her to help this woman. God reminded her of a ministry she recently heard of that gives Syrian refugees a place to stay for a week before either registering them in the camp or finding another place for them to stay.

As God brought that to mind, Rachel told Zunairah about the place, and Zunairah was overjoyed to hear that there was a place that would take her in for the week.

As they traveled over to the shelter, Rachel phoned a group of believers who were visiting to meet them there, and they asked Zunairah if they could pray for her before leaving her at the shelter.

She agreed reluctantly, and slowly hands were laid on her and everyone began to pray their own prayer out loud on behalf of this woman. Only one voice was in a language she understood — the voice of Marcus*, Rachel’s husband.

As they were praying, Zunairah began to say, “Stop. Stop. I can’t take it.” But the group continued praying. Marcus prayed in Arabic that God would come, touch her life, have mercy on her and save her. He asked Jesus to come and forgive her sins if Zunairah would only believe.

As Marcus prayed this prayer over her, Zunairah began to calm and said, “I do believe in Him with all of my heart that He is real. I can feel Him.”

Macus said, “You can ask Him to come into your heart; He has power to heal us and to free us from any bondage.”

And to everyone’s shock, Zunairah said, “I know! I can feel Him. Is something happening to me? I don’t understand what is happening to me.”

“His love is overwhelming. I can see Him! I see Him! He is on a white horse right in front of me. I want Him to cleanse me to take the evil from me.”

Zunairah prayed, “I want Him to come into my heart. I feel Him, I feel His presence in me.”

After the time of prayer and Zunairah’s repentance, she turned to the group and said that all of her pains in her joints were gone and she felt an incredible peace.

God heard Zunairah’s cry as she sat in her desperation in front of the mosque, waiting for her deliverer, waiting for someone to help her and to save her from her circumstance, Rachel said.

In her moment of need, Christ met her there and “He delivered her today from her sin and life and struggle,” Rachel said. “She seems at peace even with everything she is going through. She can say, ‘I have peace, He is in my heart and He is alive.’”

“God hears the cry of the broken one. This is the cry of the broken one.

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