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Music and Worship Ministry

First Woodway is a community of believers walking together in a lifestyle of worship.  Certainly God is up to something in our gatherings, but it is more than that--it is the body of Christ living out their lives to glorify God in every way.

As God is working in and through our lives each week, the testimony of all He has done and is doing is a contagious thing in our times of corporate worship.  We can't help but proclaim His glory, His goodness and the wonder of His great love.  When we join together as one singing, reading His Word, and praying, it encourages each one in the family at First Woodway.

We are a multigenerational worshiping church.  That means we value and treasure all ages worshiping together.  We are blessed to have an incredible Music and Worship ministry that includes every age group.  Our heart is to continue to grow in the Lord together--that we would be an ever more fervent family of worshipers.

There are opportunities for everyone to participate in the Music & Worship ministry at First Woodway. If you would like to help lead out in worship, then join the Woodway Worship Choir!  If you are an instrumental musician, we invite you to play in the Woodway Orchestra.  There are also auditioned opportunities for the Worship Team consisting of rhythm section (keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, aux percussion) and vocalists.  Both the youth and college have worship bands in their respective ministries.  The Kids' Worship Choir is an incredible opportunity for your children to learn about worship and to participate in musicals and more.

Gary Rhodes,
Interim Worship Pastor