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Prayer Updates

Scott Toby has set up a Facebook page where you can pass on words of encouragement to Jackie and the Toby family. Please click here to view the page.

Friday, January 4

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Sunday, December 30

Dennis Michael Toby
February 18, 1947 - December 29, 2012

Pastor Dennis Michael Toby of Waco passed away Saturday, December 29, 2012 at his home with his family. Services will be at 1:00 p.m. Friday, January, 4, 2013, at First Baptist Church of Woodway with Rev. Terry Graham officiating. Burial will follow at Oakwood Cemetery. Dr. Toby will lie in state Sunday through Thursday and the family will receive visitors 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Thursday, January 3, at Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey Chapel.

One of God's brightest lights has gone home to his Source. Like the stars in the sky that have burned out long ago, the illumination that he provided will shine on for a long time to come. His radiant energy, passion, and love chased away the darkness and unveiled God's truth and hope in the world around him. He was God's lighthouse to this lost world. He was a distinctive voice for God calling out to all those in need and responding to all of those that cried back. For thirty-five years he built up the church of First Woodway with its staff and members. He lived, loved, laughed, strived, struggled, and rejoiced with his church that he kept in his heart and mind until the very end.

His gift to us is his legacy of strength, leadership, loyalty, stewardship, honor, and action that he modeled for us all so diligently his entire life. He never ceased striving for Christ; he never stopped growing the Church out of love for Christ's congregation; he never quit working on missions out of Christ's love for a world that would be eternally lost without those efforts. Just as he exercised his body regularly, more so did he exercise his mind to learn about the Lord so that he could strengthen his relationship and ministry with and for the Lord. When we think of Mike and what he would do, we know he would tell each of us to stand tall and strong as houses of light for Jesus just as he did.

Mike started life on February 18, 1947 in Ada, Oklahoma, but his ministry began early at Pasadena High School where he read a devotional and gave the prayer each morning over the intercom system to the school. In 1966, he met his future wife, Jackie Kay Compton of Odessa, Texas, at Houston Baptist College. They began their lives together on August 19, 1967. He was a Club Director for Youth for Christ in college which gave him a future vision of becoming a youth pastor. From 1967 to 1969 he served as Youth Pastor at First Baptist Huntsville and filled the same position at Memorial Baptist Church in New Orleans from 1969 to 1970 while he earned his degree in Graduate Studies from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1970, Mike went into evangelism by starting the Mike Toby Evangelistic Foundation, which led him to serve as the Minister of Evangelism at Wayside Baptist Church from 1971 to 1972. During this time the pastor felt called to another church and Mike took on the interim position in his absence. This opportunity became the catalyst for the vision of beginning his ministry as a pastor. Mike briefly served, in 1972, as Associate Pastor at Second Baptist Church Little Rock before moving on to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he earned his M. Div. in Religion in 1974. While studying at Southwestern, Mike started serving as the Senior Pastor at Bowie Baptist church in Texarkana in 1973. His first son, Joshua David Toby, was born shortly after his move to Texarkana on June 3, 1974. During the time he was in Texarkana he led the church to relocate and rename to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. He guided them through two building programs and more than doubled membership and average Sunday school attendance.

Finally, in 1977, Mike was called to First Baptist Woodway. Shortly thereafter, his second son, Scott Michael Toby, was born on October 11, 1977. There, he would go to lead a membership growth from 1, 050 to over 4, 600; increase the average Sunday school attendance from 292 to over 1, 500; do over 1, 700 baptisms; lead nine building programs, including a total relocation in 1990 and sponsored ten mission points in Waco. He led numerous mission trips including trips to Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Belize, Philippines and New Zealand.

Mike is preceded by his mother, Pauline Johnson Toby and his father Clifton (Pat) Monroe Toby.

He is survived by his wife of forty-five years, Jackie, his son Josh, and daughter-in-law Olya Nikole Toby, and their precious sons (Mike's grandsons) Evan Lucian Toby and Conrad Alexander Toby, his son Scott, and daughter-in-law Monica Lake Toby, and their much loved daughters (Mike's grand-daughters) Marlena Maria Toby and Gisele Elise Toby. He is also survived by his sister, Linda Burchfield.

Mike leaves us all with the commission, "to be the lighthouse."

Saturday, December 29

From Scott Toby:

To all of our friends and family, after a peaceful day yesterday, surrounded by his family, Dad past away early this morning at 1:06 with Mom by his side. Dad is finally at home in Heaven where he has longed to be. The Toby family appreciates all of the love, support and prayers from all of you. We love all of you and Dad loved all of you. We are grateful that he is finally at peace.

Please, if all phone calls, visits and text messages could be held off for the next several days to Mom, it would be appreciated. She is in need of some rest and alone time with family. Thank you again to everyone and we'll keep everyone up to date on arrangements for Dad's funeral.

Wednesday, December 12

We had a good afternoon yesterday with Dad. He's been enjoying reminiscing with me and Mom. He likes hearing about our favorite memories and trips together. We were able to ask him about a few of his favorite things. His favorite trips were to the Forbidden City in China with Mom, and to Istanbul, Turkey with his whole family. He said his favorite place is still Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

He still has a good sense of humor and is joking around a little bit. He's anxious to go on, but I think he feels well comforted and cared for. He says he can feel the prayers over him, Mom and their home from all of you.

Sunday, December 9

From Scott Toby:

Dad continues to rest and is experiencing little pain. This week, particularly in the past several days, Dad has seemed to move into the next stage of his illness. He is sleeping most of the day now, eating very little and is having more difficulty with speaking. His request this past week is to spend his remaining time with family. This is just as well since we don't know what narrow windows of time he would be awake to see any more visitors.

Dad has been very peaceful and happy. He wants to share his gratitude to everyone for the love, support and help to him and the entire Toby family during this time. His heart and mind are still very much with the church and its missions.

He is very much ready to go to his Father and asks for all of you to pray that he may sleep as much as possible until that moment comes. We have had precious moments with him and he has shared beautiful prayers for his family and church family. He doesn't wish for mourning on his behalf, but for hope and action from those that love him, and that already know the Lord, to be the lighthouse to our lost friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members.

As a man of action, I know my Dad would encourage all of you to stay strong and to keep the faith in all that you do.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


Monday, December 3

From Scott Toby:

Wanted to let everyone know that Dad has been resting well and has had a relatively peaceful week. He's been enjoying listening to the Bible in the mornings and has been touched by listening to Mom read loving letters from all of you in the evenings.

His thoughts and prayers are continuously with First Woodway and all of his friends. He wants everyone to keep remembering to be strong and keep the faith! We are the lighthouse.

Thursday, November 22

From the Toby family:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our church family and friends out there. We hope that all of you had a wonderful and meaningful day. Thank you to all of those who provided such delicious dishes and desserts for our Thanksgiving meal today and in the days prior!

This morning, we were able to take Dad on his first trip from the house since coming home from the hospital. He wante
d to be able to visit his parents' burial site one last time at the Oakwood Cemetery in Waco.

After returning home, we all had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch together and then, the Toby men watched the Cowboys together. We all had a very special day together. We pray that all of you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Sunday, November 11


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