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Special Events - Fall 2014

* These events are open to ALL men!  Please feel free to attend and invite your friends, family, or co-workers.  Even if you are unable to be involved in our small groups, we would love for you to participate in any of our events!

Wild Game Dinner - October 23rd

This has Men's Ministry written all over it!  Wild....  Game....  Dinner...  Need we say more?  It will be a night of great food and fun!  Plus, it might be the perfect excuse to go hunting or fishing.  Mark your calendar for this one! 

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Couple's Event - "A Man and His Wife, Part 2" - Sunday, November 9th

 On Sunday, November 9th, the Men's Ministry is hosting an event that is not just for men.  I know that may see strange, but we think it is a perfect idea.  It is a couple's event designed to encourage fun conversations about marriage, family, and Godly manhood.  Whether you have been married for 40 years or you are still considering marriage, this event is designed for you.  We will share a meal together, engage in table conversations, and be reminded of a few core principles.
We know how busy your schedule is, but we think a few hours on a Sunday night could be a huge encouragement to your family. 

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Final Session for Fall Small Groups - November 19th